In 1919, Q.G. Noblitt, Frank Sparks, and Al Redmond formed a small manufacturing business then known as the Indianapolis Air Pump Company.  Later known as Indianapolis Pump & Tube and then Noblitt-Sparks, it took on the name Arvin in 1950.  In 2000, after a merger with Meritor, Inc, it became ArvinMeritor for a few years.  But then, sadly, Arvin disappeared from the name as well as the corporate landscape of America and the globe.  This site is dedicated to documenting its history, its people, and its products.  It's all about ... Preserving Arvin.

One of the most varied and collectible aspects of Arvin's history is in radio production.  Begun in the mid-1930's, Arvin was an innovator in the business.  Our goal is to create and grow a repository of information and a network of people to help share everything about Arvin radios, thus helping accomplish our mission of PRESERVING ARVIN!

We offer data and information on Arvin products, particularly radios; but we are moving to encompass the full range of collectible & interesting Arvin items.

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Preserving Arvin

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Our goal with this website and associated Facebook page is to create a repository of information and resources to help preserve the Arvin name and its importance in the many areas in which the company participated in manufacturing and serving consumers across the U. S.

While there is information contained throughout this website and accompanying Facebook page, a couple of the quickest ways to begin to immerse yourself in overview & detailed information is by checking out the highlighted links on the following two pages:

Arvin Products Page    or   Radio Index Page

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Website Notes:

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