Preserving Arvin

By the late 60s, Arvin was really known as the manufacturer of many different models of low-cost radios.  Many were being manufactured in the Princeton, Kentucky  plant.  Their marketing documentation also included many two-sided sales & specification sheets  for the different models (some carried 2 or 3 models).  Below are examples of some of these sheets.  Interesting to note some of the props used in the display of the radios.  The two images below are of the front and back of one of these sheets.  The gallery that follows is only of the front (pictorial side) of several other sheets.  The images below are lo-resolution but you can click HERE for a hi-res album of these sheets.

Arvin also put out a really nice  28-page color catalog in 1968.  See a few thumbnails below, or click HERE for a hi-resolution album of the catalog:

You can all these thumbnails below unless you choose to access the hi-res album:

We also uncovered several black & white glossy marketing documents that were being corrected and enhanced to make ready for ad campaigns.  Always interesting to see how things worked and how processes have evolved.  You can click HERE for hi-res album of all these:

1968 Arvin Radio

Their price list for 1968 has evolved into a more condensed format and is only two pages.  Click HERE for higher resolution images of the pair:

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