The tube portables (battery or AC) pictured above, the 652P and 654P were each given a marketing name (it appears based in the different color and cabinet characteristics) ---  The Nubain, Riviera, Caballero, Troubadour, and Companion.   On some, the round middle insert is a mirror; on others, it is cloth.  The mottled green sets are still pretty collectible.

Above: Radios 760T, 753T, and 758T are featured in Arvin Folks magazine from August of 1953.

1953 Arvin Radios

Below is 758T clock radio.

The 741T pictured to the left came in several bright colors with interesting lines.  It was marketed at "The Collegian", so we're not sure why they utilized a homemaker in the color shots.  But they did.  A nice solid set that is fun to collect in the bright colors.

At the height of the Baby Boom , Arvin continued to offer a full range of colorful table models plus a few different tube portables.    Below you can see some of Arvin's 1953 line-up.  Here's a link to a hires album for some 1953 Radio Documents.

The Model 753T (below), with the starburst in the center of the tuning dial, is a nice set.  We apologize that we only have black-and-white images at this time, but will add photos of some of the colorful sets later.

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The 780TFM is a sturdy AM-FM set build similarly to the 760T (AM only set) picture below.

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Preserving Arvin

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These portable tube set, the 747P (Arvin Personal Pal) and the 746P (Arvin Gypsy)  are pretty much identical except for the wind-up clock inserted into the face for the 747P.  The front cover  hinges downward to allow access to the battery compartment and clock.  It came in three color combinations.