The 9562 (or 9562P) was a heavy early transistor set, with leather covering a plywood cabinet.  It was unique in that it would stand upright (as seen to the left) with a top dial and a front speaker, or ...

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Preserving Arvin

... by turning the ring around the volume knob, the dial would "flip" 180 degrees; and then it would sit flat  and have a front dial and a top speaker.  Depending on the position of the dial setting, it would be oriented to the listener.

Probably the most important aspect of Arvin radio in 1956 was the introduction of Arvin's first transistor radio, the Model 9562. 

1956 Arvin Radios

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It also came in a faux alligator finish along with the brown leather finish!

1956 marked entry into the second half of a golden decade for Arvin radio.  If there was a theme for 1956, it might well have been COLOR.  Lots of great colors appeared on radio cabinets such as Green Apple and Fawn below