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Preserving Arvin

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Growing the Business!

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The decade of the 1950s was an amazing one for Arvin in the radio business.  New plastics technology, the advent of the transistor, the population explosion ushered in by the Boomer Generation, and a generally we-can-do-it national personality set the stage for a market that was open to new ideas, bright colors, and all things new!

Technology --- radio included --- was a great place to be.

1950s Arvin radios (click on a year below)

  • 1950 - Arvin radio production was in full swing in 1950 with a full line-up of models.  This is also the year that Arvin introduced their first (and only?) "novelty" radio, the Hopalong Cassidy Radio, often just referred to as "The Hoppy".  While not the most valuable from a collector's perspective, it is certainly one of the most collectible Arvin sets.
  • 1951 was a year that offered many different sets.  Annual report  said 37 different radio, and we're still searching!
  • 1952  followed up 1951 with a even larger release of models from our perspective of locating actual radios and documentation
  • 1953  provided us with a nice mix of sets, generally smaller table top and portable sets.
  • 1954  was another year of interesting degigns and colorful sets.
  • 1955  was a banner year for radios, but by now automotive sales had finally overtaken radio sales for Arvin
  • 1956  - Arvin made its entry into the transistor radio business in late 1956.  Additionally, 1956 provided us with some cool colors and mid-century modern cabinet designs.  Here is a link to Early Transistor Sets.
  • 1957  - Arvin greatly expanded it transistor offerings in 1957.  included in this year's sets are its most collectible and sought after transistor sets.
  • 1958  - Transistors were again spotlighted and tube portables were being phased out
  • 1959  - Finished up a great decade as an industry leader in the U. S.

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