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Preserving Arvin

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The company tried to communicate well with the employees during World War 2.  The work force had shifted dramatically as hundreds of men left the company for the armed services and many women and more senior people filled the voids.  Speedy integration of the new workforce and building of an effective manufacturing team was critical.  Any words of assurance and any efforts to raise moral and patriotic feelings would be a plus.  Here are a few samples of "formal" communications the company used.

A brochure explaining the company's anticipated role and responsibilities during the war years:

An example of a hiring flyer:

A company news bulletin (enter the Red, White, and Blue!) :

And a wonderfully interesting  brochure comprised of "Letters to Home" from Noblitt-Sparks employees who had left to serve and were now stationed  around the globe.  Thumbnails are below.  For a hi-res gallery of the pages click here --> "Letters to Home"

War Year Publications