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Preserving Arvin

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Thumbnails of advertising material to the left.  For a hi-res album of this and other material click, on 1940 Advertising Album.

You can check out galleries of some of the individual sets at the following links:

Great Pre-Christmas Ad for Arvin Radios & Heaters. 

New models were generally introduced during the 4th quarter.

Model 502 and Model 502A are on top row.  The rare "flat-top" model is on the far right!

One interesting thing to note --- there are two different versions of the Model 502.   One comes with a rounded top, and the other comes with a flat top (the rarer version).    This webmaster has only seen examples of the 502A in this rarer model and has never seen the brown Model 502 in this variety.

1940 was brought another  small offering of new radio models.  One may surmise that the unrest in Europe meant management was looking to the future by NOT investing too much on developing and releasing new models.  At any rate, only a few new models were introduced.  The good news is that  there are some very nice and collectible sets included in this series.  It might well be dubbed the "Oh-Two" series, since all the model numbers i the brochure below ended in "02".  Below are scans of a sales brochure for the 1940 line.  

1940 Arvin Radios