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Preserving Arvin

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  • Columbus (Indiana) Area Visitors Center - The Visitors Center (go to Website Here), located downtown at 5th and Franklin Streets, is the starting point for several different tours of the city and/or the downtown.  These tours focus on architecture and history and are a wonderful introduction to this small city that is acclaimed as a world-class destination for contemporary architecture that blends into its past.
  • Bartholomew County History Center - This history center is also downtown (on 3rd Street between Lafayette and Franklin) and just a couple blocks from the Visitors Center.  It has both permanent and rotating exhibits for companies that have played a significant roles in the area's history.  You can visit its Website Here.
  • Atterbury-Bakalar Air Museum - This is a fabulous little museum that is working to preserve and share the military heritage of both Camp Atterbury and the Bakalar Air Base.  It is located at the Columbus Municipal Airport (about three miles northeast of downtown) and has a small exhibit of items manufactured under the Arvin name by Noblitt-Sparks during World War 2.  Here is the link to a few shots of the Arvin / Noblitt-Sparks exhibit at the museum (these were donated by PreservingArvin to this great little museum!)  You can visit its Website Here.
  • Historic Columbus, Indiana Website & Message Board - This website is a historical repository and discussion forum for many topics that touch on Columbus and Bartholomew County history.  You can access the Website Here and use search feature for desired topics.
  • Uncle Albert's  - This website contains information about Albert D. (Duke) Silva, a radio pioneer who worked for the Atwater Kent Radio company.  Duke came to Noblitt-Sparks in 1937 and was instrumental in the company's radio successes.
  • Arvin Franklin, IN  Family Facebook Group - This is a closed Facebook group for former employees of the Arvin facilities in Franklin, Indiana.  Simply enter a request to join the group and a message will go to the administrators asking for approval.
  • Gabriel / Maremont / Purolator / Arvin Family Facebook Group - This is a closed Facebook group for people formerly attached to one of these businesses that made up a part of the former Arvin Industries.  This is also a closed group for which an administrator will process and approve your request to join.

And don't forget to go out and LIKE the Preserving Arvin Facebook page.  You can go there by clicking the BLUE highlighted area in the previous sentence.  This is a tool we hope will allow us and you to share comments and information about all things Arvin & Noblitt-Sparks!

Other Resources for Arvin History & Heritage