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After the extremely busy time in the radio group in 1950, we've been unable to locate any good, definitive documents about models offered in 1951.  We know that many of the sets we shared on the 1950 page carried over into 1951, but the absence of marketing materials, advertisements, etc. makes it difficult for us to determine just what the company's product line actually looked like in 1951.

So, our line-up of 1951 models below includes a few new sets along with a few that appeared in the model list from 1950.  Most disturbing in this is the fact that the 1951annual report declared Arvin offered "37 types of radios" in 1951.  And the radio actually pictured in that report is a Model 657T (see below right) , a set usually associated with 1952!  You'll see sets that might show up in an ad for 1950, 1951, 0r 1952.  Again, the model year / calendar year crossover causes confusion for us.  Could it be that we're easily confused!

1951 Arvin Radios

Preserving Arvin

So, here's a partial list of hi-res albums for models sold by Arvin in 1951:

Hopefully, we'll run across some marketing materials / catalogs / magazine ads that help us make this a more complete and comprehensive list.