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The Housewife

Feeling cultured!.  Another Maestro!

The Fisherman

Additionally, below are thumbnails of a nice color radio catalog:

For now, we found an interesting mix of pocket flyers (below) with some very interesting themes!


Mountain climbing?  Maybe Polo wasn't so bad!

Arvin Radio 1962

And ... a second catalog with some of the same models and a few different models that seem to have been introduced at some time during the year:

Heading out on the town?

The Maestro!

Let's go dancing

Polo?  Really?

Mom in the Kitchen --- Dad in the Garage

For a hi-res album of the catalogs, price sheets, and flyers --- all the thumbnails on this page --- click HERE.

Preserving Arvin

We found a price list from 1962 which gave us a great working list of models that Arvin was actually producing and selling at that time.  There were a few models from an earlier year, so they were either very popular or there was inventory to clear!!

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