The 17th Street plant was the site of the company's first operations in Columbus.  When first acquired, it served (in part) as the company's General Offices.  After that was moved to the 13th Street facility in the mid-1930s, the 17th Street Plant manufactured a wide variety of items over the next 60+ years.  No other Arvin facility housed operations for a wider range of company businesses that 17th Street --- radio, television, housewares, automotive (catalytic converter and others), and Arvinyl --- to name a few. 

This "site" contained operations known as other sites over the years, such as 15th Street, Central Avenue, and the company cafeteria (also known as The Central Cafeteria)

After the Arvin & Meritor merger in 2000, the operations at 17th Street were spun off.

Columbus - 17th Street

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Preserving Arvin

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