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Preserving Arvin

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Close-up of sterling pin (1-1/4 " actual)

Admission card

Recognition card w/ sterling pin

Souvenir booklet mailer

In January of 1944, a ceremony was held in the Columbus (IN)  gymnasium at 7th & Pearl Street celebrating "E" Awards earned by four plants in Columbus.    Below are scanned images of the program for the presentation ceremony.  It includes pages describing the significance of the award and the criteria used to earn the award.

Below are scans / images of other "E" Award items:

"E" Award Booklet - VERY Red, White, and Blue!

As best we can determine, seventeen different Noblitt-Sparks facilities achieved "E" Awards.  These were scattered among the five cities in which plants were located, but most were in Columbus.  Celebrations and award ceremonies were held at each location.  Employees were presented with souvenir items that included an embossed (and "tassled") program, a sterling silver pin, and a small card that included FDR's signature.  Additionally, a colorful 16-page souvenir booklet was created that included some photos from the ceremonies.  These were later distributed to employees and were also shipped to active duty servicemen.

We have include images and photos of many of these items and activities below.  Hi-res albums of this material coming in spring of 2107.

Army-Navy "E" Awards