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Preserving Arvin

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Beginning in the mid-1930s, the company began manufacturing radios.  Over the course of the next three decades, several different facilities in Columbus were used as manufacturing sites.  The area to the rear (south) of the General Office on 13th Street was a major site.  This was the part of the building nearest to the Golden Foundry property.  Across the parking lot to the north, another building, the Glandon  Building complex, as another site.  This site later held engineering operations known as the "Pipe Shop", the "Prototype Shop", and the "Chem Lab".  Another site that housed radio manufacturing was a facility about four blocks to the north, the Orinoco Plant.  This site also later housed the Employee Store which served as a store front for consumer household goods manufactured by the company.  In 1962, the Princeton (KY)  became the company's second plant outside Indiana; and radio manufacturing was transferred there.

Facilities - Columbus Radio Plants