Preserving Arvin

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 *** We invite any and all past employees of Seymour to send us photos, stories, and historical facts about Seymour's  history with the company ***

Seymour (IN) Plant

Arvin's history in Seymour spanned some 50 years.  In 1925, the company bought its first property in Seymour from the Fancy Furniture Company.  This facility began operations producing Dan Patch wagons  and other toy-related products.  It was at / near the site that would remain a company facility until its closing in 1975.  When there were multiple Seymour facilities, it was referred to as the "North Plant", located east of O'Brien street and south of 4th Street Road. 

During World War II, a second site was was purchased (originally house Ahlbrand Carriage Company & Ox-Fibre Brush Co.) on the south side of town and designated as the "South Plant".  

From late in World War II until around 1960, the company also operated the "West Plant" from a leased building at Freeman Field on the west side of town.  

Eventually all operations were combined at the North Plant where they remained until the facility was closed in 1975 due to a downturn in the automotive business and labor issue at the plant.

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