In spite of our intentions to stop radio pages with 1969, we could not help but add a page for 1970.  The radio models had really been running together for several years, as we found evidence of many "radio years" where Arvin was marketing radios released over a three-year (and sometimes longer) period.  We not sure whether this is because some models were so popular that the company kept producing them or whether the opposite forces were in play --- some models were not selling well so they had them on the shelves for 2 or 3 years?

And then we ran across a treasure trove of materials for 1970, so we have this one extra page tagging along on the heels of the 1960s.  So, this page that wasn't supposed to be, may end up being the single radio page on this site with the most content.  You know what they say about the best laid plans...!

And we couldn't resist including several pages from a very nice 72-page (that's right, 72!) catalog of Home Entertainment products from 1970.  We've only included the radio-related pages here.  Tractor radios, bicycles radios, travel radios with wind-up clocks, CB radios, and walkie talkies!  Click HERE for a hi-res abum of 33-pages of radio catalog!

While we're looking at more unique kinds of sets, here are some documents from the bicycle radio that Arvin sold.  They also produced a white & blue model for Sears & Roebuck that carried the Sears name.  Click HERE for album of hi-res images.

Below are images of a 1970 brochure.  There are nice examples of a couple unique radios included --- bicycle radios and tractor radios (hey, it's farm country!).  Click HERE for hi-res images.

The following images almost belong in the Believe It Or Not category, but they are indeed two advertisements (not sure how many they might have done altogether) from Playboy Magazine  circa 1970.  Click HERE for hi-res images.

And we found a couple dozen black-and-white glossy  prints with marketing specifications on them.  These had been used by someone in marketing to make corrections to the information.  You can see notations in black ink and also notations in red ink.  A little bit of nice history and documentation of some sort of process they followed.  Click Here for hi-res album.

The tractor radio deserves a larger image.  Looks great on paper, but it didn't take too many passes in the field to not look quite so bright & shiny!  The black item sitting on top is actually a cover that will snap on and protest the front.  But they still got REAL dust-covered.  And we're not too sure how well the volume fared against the tractor noise.  We do know that the two sets we have were given to us by area farmers who took them out of their barns and not off their tractors at the time!

Arvin Radio 1970

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Preserving Arvin

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We found a couple dozen two-sided color spec sheets that we wanted to share.  These are in no particular order and contain CB sets, walkie talkies, intercoms, and the tractor radio!  A few thumbnails below or click HERE for hi-res album of the sheets.

Model 70R24-19You select a highlighted model below for a hi-res album for that model:

Model 10R15-12

Model 10R16-12

Model 10R22-17

Model 10R25-12

Model 10R34-12

Model 10R34-18

Model 10R44-12

Model 10R85-12

Model 10Y11-19

Model 10Y22

Model 10Y22-16

Model 10Y32-16

Model 10Y33-19

Model 10Y64-15

Model 20R15-12

Model 20R33-17

Model 20R33-19

Model 20R55-12

Model 20R65-12

Model 20R85-12

Model 20Y33-19

Model 20Y55-19

Model 22R16-12

Model 27R16.12

Model 30R15-12

Model 30R16-12

Model 30R34-11

Model 30R34-12

Model 30R43-18

Model 30R56-12

Model 30R82-18

Model 30R86-19

Model 38R98

Model 40R12-12

Model 40R34-11

Model 40R34-12
Model 40R43-18
Model 40R65-12
Model 40Y55-19

Model 40Y65

Model 42R16-12

Model 47R16-12

Model 49R07

Model 49R42-18

Model 50Y24-19

Model 50Y74-19

Model 51Y23-13

Model 53Y25-16

Model 60R75-19

Model 60Y53-19

Model 60Y75-19

Model 68R89

Model 70R22-19

Model 70R24-19

Model 70R36-19

Model 70R55-19

Model 70R76-19

Model 78R89

Model 80R35-19

Model 80R44-19

Model 80R45-19

Model 80R47-19

Model 80R55-18

Model 80R65-19

Model 80R77-18

Model 90R33-13

Model 90X26-18