The Baby Boomer generation continued to grow, and Arvin kept pumping out radio models.  The year !954 was no exception.  FM radios, clock radios for all those growing households, and portable tube radios for a ever-more-mobile and leisure-searching society.   The Korean conflict was history, the Cold War wasn't really in many folks' minds, and the transistor age was on the door step (actually the Regency TR-1 transistor radio was introduced late in the year by a company in Indianapolis!). 

Just as the U.S. society seemed to be pretty happy with its collective lot, Arvin made no major changes in the types of radios they sent into the marketplace in 1954.  Check out the thumbnails below or scroll to bottom of page for links to hi-res albums for various models.

Preserving Arvin

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The pricelist above shows an assortment of models Arvin was offering in 1954.  The dozen models listed included the 840T, 951T, 855T, 956T, 760T, 849T, 859T, 657T, 857T, and 958T table models along with the 954P and 854P portables. 

Here are a few B/W scans of documents / photos we have .  We intend to have photos of ALL these models from a private radio collection posted soon!

This is actually a photo of an Arvin display at a trade show.  We believe this was early in 1954 since most of the radios pictured are models that were released earlier.

1954 Arvin Radios

GREAT photo of the display for the marketing assortment that goes with the price sheet!  Do not know if this was in their offices or actually at a trade show?

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