1941 Arvin Radios

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One of the models, the 732, appears to have had two different versions with distinctly different dials.  Below are images of the two dials.  These varieties have been seen in multiple sets, so it is believed to have been a planned change; but no details for the reasons have surfaced.  The dial on what we have dubbed the Version 1 is in line with the other sets in the 1941 family of sets.  The dial on what we have designated as the Version 2 is much prettier, so maybe it was strictly an aesthetic change?  This style has not been seen on any other Arvin sets, so maybe this was just the result of a natural supply chain disruption leading up to World War 2.

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This is a year that found the U.S. on the verge  of war, and again found another very limited offering of new radio models.  Of the dozen or so models described and pictures in the brochure below, not all were new models for 1941.  Four (302, 302A, 402, 402A) were carryovers from 1940.  Although they are not listed in an initial brochure,  there were at least four other models (422, 422A, 722 & 722A) released later in the year (see section on 1942 models), either at mid-model year or as part of the 1942 family of models.    This was  a confusing time to try to decipher due to mid-year releases.  The looming prospect of war no doubt added to the company's uncertainty  about  whether not to release models as part of the 1941 line or the 1942 line.

Again, some of the company's most collectible sets were among the new sets offered this year.

Below are images of one of the folding pocket sales brochures for the 1941 models.

Preserving Arvin

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