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1966 Arvin Radios

The information we've so far found on 1965-1966 radio models includes MANY different models.  Included among this material is a very impressive 44-page product catalog!  In retrospect, one wonders if the radio folks weren't trying to do too much?  When you think about the graphics, the engineering, the design work, the cabinetry, and the inventory; one could argue that in the increasingly low margin world of electronics at that time, this might have been the beginning of the end for this business for Arvin?

Many models had a plastic cabinet version and a wooden cabinet version; a version with a clock and a version without a clock.  You wonder if there was more of an effort to make engineers and designers happy at the expense of making money?

As a result, to go along with the once one or two page price sheet, there was now a FOUR page price sheet!  And all this cost money!

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Preserving Arvin

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