Preserving Arvin

*** We invite any and all past employees of Franklin to send us photos, stories, and historical facts about Franklin's history with the company ***

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Original plant

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Franklin (IN) Plant

When the Franklin plant opened in 1934  to be part of the tire pump manufacturing business, it began a run of nearly seventy years of Arvin history.  Many different "plants" occupied the Arvin site as new capabilities were added.  The plants all connected to the others in some fashion.  The last major addition to the plant was in the mid-1970s when manufacturing space was added for catalytic converter manufacturing (other converter work was being done in Columbus at Gladstone and 17th Street).  At the time of its closure, the site housed over a half million square feet of manufacturing space.


Please see thumbnails old facility photos / drawings below.  You can see a hi-res gallery of Franklin photos on our Facebook page at -->  Franklin Facility Photos

Some Franklin personnel memorabilia: