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Preserving Arvin

1935  was the company's first year in the home radio market  with shipments beginning in September of that year with a few hundred model 41 sets.     You can read more about the Original Arvin Home Radios by following one of the preceding links.  You can see images of some of the earliest known sets below.

1936  was the year the company introduced the Rhythm Series of radios.  This was probably the most distinctive line of radios in company history.  They were sold in 1936 and 1937.  Most featured the splayed bars across the front of the speakers.

1937  was highlighted by the release of a large line of radios, the Phantom Series.

1938  was highlighted by the continued sales of the Phantom Series  which now included over two dozen new models.

1939  was a relatively slow year in terms of new models released, but there are some highly collectible sets and some rare sets that were released in 1939.  This could be in part due to the escalating conflict in Europe and the global unrest it brought.

1930s Arvin Radios (click on a year or link below)

*** Material about Arvin car radios (for which manufacture began around 1933) will be added later. ***

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