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Preserving Arvin

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We also have a 24-page catalog of the full line.  It is stamped from "The Radio Exchange" from Santa Rosa, California.  Thumbnails below or CLICK HERE for Hi-Res Album.

Then, we have a great 16-page catalog for the full line-up that included consoles, chairsides, bookcase, table, AND their first bakelite models.  Thumbnails below or CLICK HERE for Hi-Res Album:

You can access albums for individual models by clicking on a link below or by going to the Phantom Series page for its lengthy list of models:

The Phantom Series dominated  the 1938 series of radios marketed by the company.  There were over two dozen new models released as part of the 1938 product line.  These included table top units, floor model, and several chairside models.  Many of these 1938 sets are beautiful, scarce, and very collectible.

In addition to the large line-up of Phantom radios offered, the company was still marketing several models from their Rhythm line that dominated the previous year. 

1938 also marked the debut of combination radio-phonograph units (the Model 88  that also carried over to 1939 line) for the company.

One of the more important aspects of radios first sold in 1938 was the introduction of the small metal-cased sets for which the Arvin name became the industry leader for nearly 20 years.  These were introduced in late 1938, and the original models were not a part of the "official" product sales brochures for either 1938 or 1939.  Due to their importance in the company's radio history, it is probably fitting that these first models were pretty much a standalone offering originally.   Check out the Mighty Mite page.

We have several catalogs & flyers from 1938.  Here is an unusual 4-page flyer that for some reason only included some 1938 table sets.  Thumbnails are below or Click Here for Hi-Res Album.

1938 Arvin Radios