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Preserving Arvin

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1969 Arvin Radio

Again in 1969, (it seems to be the thing to do during this period), some 2-sided specification sheets (only the fronts shown below).  Note that between the years 1968 and 1969, the props included  Eveready, Burgess,  and Ray-O-Vac batteries as well as some private labeled Arvin batteries.  Didn't want to alienate anyone!  You can check out the thumbnails below or click HERE for a hi-res albums of the spec sheets.

We found a catalog for what "appears" to be 1969 model radios, although there does appear (as always, it seems) to be some crossover with 1968 and 1970 models.  Bicycle radios, walkie talkies, intercoms, and packs such as the "mod pack" and the "turned on pack" tells us the times are a-changin' as the company heads into the 70s.  Click HERE for hi-res version of the thumbnails below.

A small series of small, interesting sales flyers are below.  Obviously the "Point Out Arvin" campaign with a thumb tack reminder!  Click HERE for a hi-res album of these.

We'll finish up 1969 for now with the radio pages from an entertainment products prices sheet.  As always seems to be the case, it appears to include radios with 1968, 1969, and 1970 ties!  And, we're back up to SIX pages.  Click HERE for a hi-res album of the thumbnails below.

We found some interesting marketing program materials.  Below you can see the preliminary brochure material in monochrome followed by a colorized version that represents the final product.

Click HERE for a hi-res album of these.

Model Select a highlighted model number below for a hi-res album for that model:

Model 10R34-12

Model 10R44-12

Model 10R85-12

Model 10Y22-16

Model 10Y32-16

Model 10Y33-19

Model 10Y64-15

Model 17R00-27

Model 17R18

Model 20R33-17

Model 20R33-19

Model 20R55-12

Model 20R63-12

Model 20R65-12

Model 20R85-12

Model 20Y55-19

Model 28R07

Model 28R29

Model 30R34-12

Model 30R43-18

Model 30R55-18

Model 30R74-12

Model 30R82-18

Model 35R58

Model 38R18

Model 38R88

Model 38R98

Model 39R02

Model 39R07

Model 39R38

Model 40R24-12

Model 40R34-11

Model 40R34-12

Model 40R43-18

Model 40R55-18

Model 40R65-12

Model 40Y65-18

Model 48R18

Model 49R02

Model 49R38