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1960 was a really big year for Arvin in the radio industry.  They were on their way to being a major player in the transistor radio business.  They had a nice line-up of models.  Below you can choose to look at a pocket brochure, a tr-ifold album, or a price sheet album from the spring of 1960.  Click on an image below to go to the hi-res album containing all three documents.

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Preserving Arvin

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Arvin Radio 1960

We are also lucky to have another great assortment of ad mats from 1960 (see below).  It is interesting to note that Arvin sent separate ad mats for their transistor sets in a different package. The images below are thumbnails, but you can click HERE for a hi-res album of the Ad Mat Images.

One of our best pieces of Arvin Radio History is the display on the right.  It's an unused display case for the 1960 transistor line-up.  Arvin provided them to dealers.  We found this one unused in its shipping box and created a shelf unit to display the case along with the radios that would be placed in it back in 1960.  You can click on the image to the right and be taken to a hi-res album for the display and the sets.

Or, you can choose to look at a 4-page full-size s brochure by clicking on the image below: