A couple of interesting radio sets seen to the right.  These units we meant to be built-in to a house's walls.    The unit on the right had a clock and outlets so you could plug appliances (such as coffee pots or cookers) into the radio and have them turn on at specified times.  Just like some of the earlier table model kitchen radios.

  • Model 12R27
  • Model 15R75
  • Model 16R21
  • Model 16R28
  • Model 16R68
  • Model 17R17
  • Model 17R18
  • Model 35R58
  • Model 35R98
  • Model 36R07
  • Model 36R18
  • Model 36R19
  • Model 36R48
  • Model 37R28
  • Model 37R29
  • Model 37R38
  • Model 37R68
  • Model 46R07
  • Model 46R18
  • Model 46R19
  • Model 46R48
  • Model 47R28
  • Model 47R29
  • Model 47R38
  • Model 47R68
  • Model 47R82
  • Model 55R07
  • Model 55R47
  • Model 55R58
  • Model 56R38

We have a few two-sided spec sheets that seem to be from 1967.  You can see some thumbnails below, or click HERE for a hi-res album.

 We'll end the 1967 content (for now) with pages from a catalog (maybe 2?)

Select a Model Number below for a hi-res album for that set:

1967 was another year with a large selection of radios.  Again, there were many similar sets --- wood cabinet and plastic cabinet; with clock and without clock; and many different sizes.  Most of the models had something other than straight lines in the cabinetry --- nothing drastic, but slanted fronts, non-right angles, and subtle curves.  Most set were pretty inexpensive.

The catalog images below showed some "interesting" props such as letter opener, candles, yarn, flowers, grapes, an English walnut, ball point pen, a book, a strawberry, croquet set, badminton shuttlecock, chess set, and an autographed baseball.  And, of course, in an effort to not alienate any potential business partners, batteries from Eveready, Burgess, and Ray-O-Vac!  Not to mention some labeled Arvin!!

This catalog, as in others, seems to have models spanning at least three years. There are over 60 models offered.

Heavy in portable transistor models toward the end of the catalog, they ranged from 6-transistor AM sets to 15-transistor sets with four bands.  Arvin was still one of the nation's leaders in portable transistor radios at this point.  Here's a sampling from their 40 page catalog.  You can click HERE for a hi-res album of the catalog.

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Preserving Arvin

Here are thumbnails of some ad mats.  You can click HERE for a hi-res album.

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One group of ad sheets appear to have been made for a V&S Hardware / True Value Hardware account.  A few thumbnails are below or you can click HERE for a hi-res album.

Arvin Radio 1967

Below are some black & white radio ad mats from a larger ad mat folder that contained other products as well.

Finally, here's a nice 10 pages brochure for 1967 sets.  Click HERE for a hi-res album  of the sample thumbnails below.