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Preserving Arvin

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We've arranged access to various years of radio information by decade in an attempt to make navigation simpler.  Please select a decade below to began your journey through Arvin radio history.

1930s Arvin Radios

1940s Arvin Radios

1950s Arvin Radios

1960s Arvin Radios

1970 Arvin Radios  (the last year we plan to include on the radio pages)

We're also building an indexed photo gallery of hi-resolution images of various radio models / exhibits and documentation materials.  It can accessed via the Radio Index Page.

Arvin Radios

Probably the most interesting and recognizable product that occupied a significant time in the company's history is the home radio.  This is so much so, that we will be dedicating much space on this website to content about Arvin radios.

We  have THOUSANDS  of pieces of ephemera on Arvin radios (advertising, schematics, price sheets).  All the images contained on this website are set at a low resolution to improve web performance and storage.  If you are interested in seeing if we have anything you might need, please use the Contact Us  page; and hopefully we can arrange to get a high resolution image / copy / original to you.  Also, see further down on this page for info about out hi-res galleries on our Facebook page.