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Preserving Arvin

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The Fayette Plant was established in 1964 for the manufacture of automotive exhaust systems.  Fayette is located about 45 miles northwest of Tuscaloosa which makes it a football-crazy town.  At the time of the heaviest activity at the plant, there was really only one "sit down" restaurant in town where Arvin travelers could go for dinner.  It essentially had two dining areas --- one decorated with Alabama Crimson Tide photos and the other with Auburn Tiger photos.  Passions were strong in both  rooms!

Fayette people in the plant also had high passions when it came to building mufflers, and the plant was the county's largest employer.     Unfortunately, as business contracted after the Arvin / Meritor merger, the plant was shut down.  At last check in about 2011, the site was still vacant.

Fayette (AL) Plant