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Preserving Arvin

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Arvin had another collection of colorful offerings in 1958.  Aside from offering an expanded number of transistor sets, they were still selling a few tube portables.  They also ventured into the "Stereophonic" market with their 3586 / 1586 models, heavy duty (and we do mean heavy) pairing of a receiver/tuner and a separate amplifier / speaker.   While the 3586 was a 10-tube set, they also offered a 7-tube Hi-Fi set, the Model 3582.

We were able to locate a nice 8-page brochure for 1958 models (see thumbnails below).  There are carryovers models from 1956 and 1957 included in this brochure.  Many of these are nice, collectible sets.   For a hi-res album of this brochure,, click HERE.

As you can see in the above flyer, Arvin was still marketing the 9562 (their first transistor set from late 1956) along with the popular and collectible 8576 and 9577 coat pocket models.

1958 Arvin Radio