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Preserving Arvin

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1952 Arvin Radios

Radio information in 1952, as in 1951, has been difficult for us to locate in some sort of organized fashion.  The model list below (with links to albums of images) is a mix of models that were marketed sometime during 1952, even though they may actually be a part of official 1951, 1952, or 1953 product lines. 

There were some nice classic styles introduced around this time, and some of the less classy looking models were beginning to look and feel like "tanks" with there shapes and heft.  Another couple lines of tube portables were also introduced.

One interesting note is that the only radio pictured in the 1952 Annual Report is the Model 657T --the same model that graced the 1951 Annual Report!  Adds a little more to our confusion.

For a small album of printed materials about Arvin radios from 1952, click HERE.