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Preserving Arvin

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1945 brought the end of the war.  The 1945 annual report celebrated seventeen Army-Navy "E" Awards as well as mentioning that as of V-J day, 953 employees had left for military service.  Thirty-one men died serving their country in the military.

1944 brought yet a third  year dedicated to production of war time products.  This report does mention some of the recognition that the company and employees received during the year --- Army-Navy "E" Awards (for excellence) presented to several facilities and their employees as well as recognition (in the form of a "Roll of Honor" implemented by the company.

1943 was another year completely dedicated to the war effort.  Although the annual report opened by mentioning that the company had just completed its 25th year, the opening paragraph closed by discussing the war effort.

"In 1943 all of the energies, all of the facilities and all of the resources of the Company were devoted exclusively to the manufacture of products needed to help bring Victory."

1942 brought the type of year the company had never before experienced, one in which they had converted completely to war production.

1941 - The war had interrupted last month of fiscal year 1941, but it is evident from the opening paragraph of the annual report that Noblitt-Sparks is fully on board with the war efforts.  As they said, they were far less interested in the numbers than they were in the future.

War Time Annual Reports