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Preserving Arvin

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They shipped their first home radios, several of the Model 41, in September of 1935.  They followed this closely with more table top tombstone sets, Models 51 and  61.  None of these sets are considered commonplace, and the consoles are especially nice to find.

One of the major finds we've had is of a Model 62 in the state of Maine that was still accompanied by its original packing / shipping carton from 1935-36.  t had originally been shipped to a man in Berwick, MA, and we can't believe the corrugated cardboard container had been somehow saved for over 80 years!  You can see some images of it in the Model 62 Album.

Collecting and research have led to the realization that there were at least three different Model 41 cabinet designs shipped in the subsequent year-and-a-half (see thumbnails below or hi-res album link at bottom of page) and two different cabinet types for the Model 62.

Also, advertising brochures have revealed that two distinctly different cabinet designs exist for the model 62 sets.   These can be seen in the Model 62 / 62M album below.

You can see hi-res albums for each of the sets by clicking below:

Or, you can browse a small collection of all the models at:

          Original Home Radios Album

Noblitt-Sparks had been in the car radio market for something over a year when they entered the home radio market.  They even marketed them as "BY THE MAKERS OF THAT MAGNIFICENT CAR RADIO".

Below are thumbnails of their original sales brochure for these radios.  Hi-res images of the brochure are contained in each of the albums for the individual models accessible by the BLUE links near the bottom of this page.

Original Home Radios - 1935