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Preserving Arvin

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While there are many ways to document the historical perspective, we're going to organize the historical pages  in the following manner:

  • Indianapolis Air Pump Company
  • Arvin Heater Company
  • Indianapolis Pump and Tube
  • Noblitt-Sparks, Industries
  • Arvin Industries
  • ArvinMeritor, Inc.
  • People - Key figures (and maybe a few characters) from the company's past
  • Annual report covers and highlights
  • Company magazines (NSI Folks & Arvin Folks from 1946-1959)
  • Logos over the decades
  • Miscellaneous  historical categories / items
  • Other historical resources

As pages are created and content is added for the above categories, the bulleted items above will turn to italicized, underlined blue links to the other pages.  So, check back often to see what's been added.

Arvin History

There were also poster size prints made available.

Page 2 of the annual report contained contained narrative and commentary from the artist on the process of creating the pictorial history.

We thought it might be fun to start off the Arvin History page with a little art work.    The company commissioned a local Columbus artist --- Carole Wantz --- to create a painting capturing and commemorating the history of the company.  The work, released in 1977, began with the early history of the company and brought it forward to the present (at that time 1977).

The work was featured as the front cover of the 1976 Annual Report that was issued in early 1977.  One half of the painting was the cover page and the other was a fold out inner cover that, when extended, gave shareholders a reduced version of the finished work.