The time spent under the name of Noblitt-Sparks, Industries was probably the most storied  portion of the company's history.  The period from 1927 until 1950 spanned a Great Depression, World War 2 , exciting expansion of products and business, and the ushering-in of the Baby Boomer generation and all the optimism and excitement that came with it.

Additionally, the company was piloted during this time by members of arguably the Greatest Generation of citizens in U.S. history.

Consider that under the name of Noblitt-Sparks the company ventured into the following product lines and processes (among many others):

  • Exhaust pipes and other bent tubing
  • Mufflers
  • Rear-view mirrors
  • Household heaters
  • Car radios
  • Home radios (including phonograph combos, clock radios, and portable models in addition to their original home models)
  • Dinette sets
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Small home appliances  such as irons, waffle cookers, and toasters
  • Televisions
  • Dozens of war time products

The annual company's sales at the end of "the Noblitt-Sparks era" topped $53,000,000!

  1. Much historical info coming soon!

To the left is a page from the 1946 Annual Report with photos of the eleven* plants the company had established by that time.  They are (top-to-bottom and left-to-right:

  • General Office & Radio Plant (Columbus)
  • 14th St Radio Plant (Columbus)
  • Central Ave Plant & Cafeteria (Columbus)
  • Orinoco Radio Plant (Columbus)
  • Greenwood Plant
  • 17th Street Plant (Columbus)
  • Franklin Plant (2 of them!)
  • Plant 1 Seymour (North plant)
  • Plant 2 Seymour (South plant)
  • North Vernon Plant

* Eleven plants and ten pictures!  The photo from Franklin says two plants.

             July 4, 1950                                   July 5, 1950

  Entrance to 13th Street General Offices

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Preserving Arvin

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And in 1950, the name was changed to Arvin, Industries.

Noblitt-Sparks, Inc.