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Preserving Arvin

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For a hi-res album of these and other materials, click HERE.

Aside from having a name change in July, Arvin had quite a broad and colorful offering of sets in 1950.  The radio offerings probably reflected the state of the US in 1950.  Bright new colors, a wide assortment of metal radios, handy portable battery operated radios, and snappy advertising all heralded an excitement and a lifestyle that pervaded the U. S. in 1950.  Probably the most memorable radio was the Hopalong Cassidy  model that was marketed to attract kids to the radio market; but the ads, the adjectives, and the activities associated with their marketing oozed the optimism and confidence that had swept over the country.

Check out the thumbnails below, or select from the model list toward the bottom of the page for hi-res albums for each model:

1950 Arvin Radios