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Preserving Arvin

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Arvin Folks  magazine excerpts showing ironin tables along with an article about North Vernon's 3 millionth ironing table.  The number eventually grew to over 7 million!

Plant Two (Fuel Tube Plant)

*** We invite any and all past employees of North Vernon to send us photos, stories, and historical facts about North Vernon's history with the company ***

North Vernon became a company plant during World War II (1944).  It's first products were wooden boxes for some of the bomb casings being produced in Columbus.  

After the war ended, the plant focused on other products, some of the more important ones being metal ironing table (1945) and prismatic rear-view mirrors (1958).   Later , automotive exhaust products  were added, the most notable ones being glass-pack performance mufflers known as the Asp and the Orange Peeler.

Eventually, in 1969, Arvin added a second plant, the terne plating facility in the industrial park on the north side of town to manufacture fuel filler tubes.

North Vernon (IN) Plant