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Preserving Arvin

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Below are thumbnail images from a 1942 Sales Booklet:

1942 Price List

Our first photo for 1942 had to be of the pair of catalin sets, the Model 532A and the Model 532.

1942 Southern Price List

Here are three interesting items below.  First there are two price lists for 1942 Home Radios.  One appears to be a "regular" price list while the second one is the "Southern" price list where the price is slightly higher (due to shipping costs at the time?)  The third item below is an image for the invoice for a model 422  that was sold to an employee (Calvin Myers) for $5.12!  He had $2.56 withheld from each of two paychecks to pay for the little metal set.  It appears he may have worked at the 17th Street Plant and had the radio "shipped" a few blocks  to get to him.

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Click on a model number below for a hi-res album for that model:

To the left is model 532A and a close-up of the dial.

Model 422 Invoice

At the present time, the only items we're putting  on this page are copies of sales literature.  Since is a very important year for collectors, a more full discussion and more photos will be added at some point. 

1942 Arvin Radios