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Preserving Arvin

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The company once again dabbled in the world of children's toys   during the early 30s.  This time they manufactured a metal coaster that was dubbed the "Arvin Flying Ace".  These seem to be very rare items, their physical existence only confirmed by one known sighting (now TWO as of December, 2017!).  Below are a couple photo images of this specimen, along with images of an original sales flyer, and an invoice for the sale of one to an employee at the Greenwood (IN) plant.  The invoice shows the wagon was to be shipped from the Seymour (IN) plant (Seymour was also where Dan Patch Wagons were manufactured after the production operations were transferred from Connersville).  These thumbnails don't capture a lot of detail, but you can check out a higher resolution collection of images by accessing the Arvin Flying Ace album on our Facebook page.

Arvin Flying Ace Wagon