Preserving Arvin

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And a photo of a trio of chairside models (L-R)  --- 638CS, 528CS, and 628CS

Here are some images from the 1938 product catalog  (click on link to left for hi-res album of complete catalog):

Chairside radios were a short-lived product offering of Noblitt-Sparks, introduced in 1938 as part of the Phantom Filter line and, to our knowledge, discontinued after that.  As such, they are relatively scarce and very desirable from a collector's perspective.  Five models were part of the 1938 catalog (click on BLUE links below for hi-res albums) :

  • 528CS  - Phantom Mate
  • 628CS - Phantom Master
  • 638CS - Phantom Bachelor
  • 838CS
  • 848CS

Chairside Radios

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The premise for the chairside radios seemed to be one of leisure.  A listener could relax in his or her favorite easy chair and have the radio sitting right beside.  Different models provided a convenient place to sit a cup of coffee or a magazine / book.  Some models had cabinets that provided a small magazine rack or storage for a few books.